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Welcome to Clarion 

Clarion Wealth Planning Limited develops and implements strategies that enable successful business owners to live the lives they really want. Our client relationships are lifelong but the period before, during and after an exit is a particular speciality. We welcome new clients with investable assets of £1 million or more.

Enter our website to discover how you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your finances and investments are managed in line with your individual circumstances, life goals and appetite for risk.

Clients of Clarion Wealth Planning Limited benefit from detailed financial plans and made-to-measure investment strategies that focus on the achievement of long-term goals and aspirations.

Cheshire-based Clarion Wealth Planning was awarded corporate Chartered status by the Chartered Insurance Institute in 2012, confirming its commitment to the highest standards of customer service and professional ethics.

Clarion Wealth Planning Limited is one of the original architects of the UK financial planning industry. Its managing director is a founder member of the Institute of Financial Planning.

Clarion Wealth Planning provides independent financial advice and is remunerated purely by client fees.

Clarion Wealth Planning's sister company, Clarion Investment Management Limited, is also able to manage investments on a discretionary basis.

This means that, should you want it to do so, Clarion Investment Management can construct and maintain an investment portfolio that is tightly aligned to your individual risk profile and responds to changes in the market as they happen.

Investment lies at the heart of most financial plans, but it is not the only aspect.

Because wealth brings with it responsibilities that last beyond your own lifetime, Clarion Wealth Planning is able to plan not just for your financial future but that of the generations to come, with a comprehensive estate plan for you and your family. This can include a wide range of Inheritance Tax (IHT) strategies.

Many wealthy individuals choose to use their resources for the benefit of others. We are able to advise on a range of options for philanthropy, from charitable giving and legacies to establishing trusts. Again, these strategies can be beneficial from an Inheritance Tax planning perspective.

We understand that one of the main concerns of individuals who are looking for financial advice is clarity. For this reason we provide our services under clearly defined propositions and will always ensure you have a clear understanding of what our fees will be, what they cover and how they are collected.

To find out more about how Clarion Wealth Planning Limited and Clarion Investment Management Limited can help you meet your financial goals, or to arrange a no-obligation exploratory meeting at our expense, please call our friendly, expert team on 01565 653804.

Please note that contents of this website are intended to provide information only and should not be interpreted as advice or as an inducement to purchase units.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise and investors may get back less than they invested.

Clarion Wealth Planning Limited is a company registered in England with the number 6372922. Clarion Investment Management Limited is a company registered in England with the number 07899035. The registered address of both companies is Marble Arch, King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6HD. 

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  • Ron Walker

    Ron Walker

    Ron Walker is one of the architects of the modern financial planning industry and a founder member of the Institute of Financial Planning. He set up the Knutsford-based wealth management firm Clarion in 1985 after six years spen

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  • Steven Walker

    Steven Walker

    Steven is a Chartered Financial Planner whose career in financial services spans almost 30 years. He started his career as a clerk at Eagle Star in Manchester in 1983 and joined Scottish Life as a broker consultant in 1986 where he enjoyed a very successful career until he left to join Clarion

    Contact Steven
  • Michael Brooke

    Michael Brooke

    Michael joined Clarion as a financial advisor in 1994. As well as comprehensive lifelong financial planning, he is a specialist in the pensions and retirement income markets.

    Prior to joining Clarion Michael worked for insurance company Commercial Union in a variety of roles, latterly as

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